Hi to All those that haven’t long been introduced to JAGRD WoodFired, Welcome!!

We hope you’ve been enticed by how versatile and easy wood fired can be for everyone, and looking for even more beautiful results at home!! You may be interested in a “little” of JAGRD’s history over the last seven plus years, and where we’re headed.!?? A JAGRD WoodFired Smoker – Oven will, and does, speak for itself, but we’ve always liked to share in all things wood fired and BBQ!!

Like most we grew up with the good old brick and hot plate Barby!?? Glenn and I, Jules, took our love of wood fired and worked with it catering “JAGRD WoodFired Pizza” for over 4 and half years on the road, beginning in 2010 serving from Victoria all the way to Kununurra and back down to Albany, giving others the opportunity to get a taste and share too what they wanted to see available in their own “Aussie” backyards, and asking us how!!

So, in 2014 with finished design and research, we introduced our own WoodFired Outdoor Stunner, the JAGRD Oven-Smoker!

They’re All Australian, All-In-One, 2016 Award Winning Barbecue pits. With a JAGRD you have the opportunity in your own home, café or restaurant, to master WoodFired American style Low n Slow BBQ, Hot n Fast Sunday Roasting, Baking breads, biscuits and cakes (kids are fascinated!) Pizzas x 5 (30 an hour with practice…) Use as a Cold smoker for your cheeses and meats, there are many advantages in having a JAGRD Wood Fired Oven-Smoker at home, not least of all one the whole family can enjoy, and gather round, year after year!!

We have also expanded on our original JAGRD universal Smoker-Wood Fired Oven and now design additional products to include but are not limited to the following;
Asado Grills, Wood Fired Coffee Roasters, Cabinet Smokers, Rotisseries and fully Customised Designs and Accessories.

We look forward to helping bring the warmth of Wood Fired into your backyard with a JAGRD to suit the whole family.!!

Glenn & Jules – Call us today to learn more about our services on
0407 212 167 or 0407 212 162


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