Grills for every day cooking; they won't let you down with Extra Room needed when Entertaining, they are strong, sturdy, and handmade.

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Asado Charcoal Grill

When you want to cook hot and fast to get the best flavours from your steaks, chops and seafood, you can’t beat a custom-made charcoal grill to create mouth-watering delicious food every day.

When it comes to every day outdoor cooking, sometimes only a grill will do!

In Australia, a grill or hotplate is what most people commonly think of when the word ‘barbeque’ is mentioned, but actually, grilling is a completely different way of cooking.

A barbeque will cook meats long and slow, whereas a grill, cooks hot and fast.  It all depends on what meat, fish or veggies you are cooking to determine which method you use to get the best succulent flavours from your food.

Grills or hotplates are perfect for steaks, burgers, chops, sausages and some seafood, so if you’re looking for a custom-made grill to perfectly compliment your outdoor kitchen and everyday cooking, then look no further than a strong and sturdy JAGRD grill, handmade to your requirements.

Charcoal BBQ Grill | Outdoor Grill for Every Day Cooking

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