“Black Beauty” BBQ Smoker – Wood Fired Oven (2 shelf)


Oven on Trolley with Lockable Heavy Duty Casters, Two Stainless Steel Shelves

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A Versatile JAGRD smoker – wood-fired pizza oven, will have you ready to Cook within the hour, with the ability to be used for Low and Slow Smoking your Meats, Baking your Breads, Cakes, hot and fast Roasting, Pizzas (5), Cold Smoking Fish and Sooo Much More!

Our award winning two stainless shelf “Black Beauty” holds 5 pizza in rotation and 10 x 3kg pork butts.

  1. Built of 6mm Steel throughout (Double walled) Over 250kg
  2. Two Cooking levels
  3. Ample Room for 4 Large Baking Trays
  4. Heats to 250 degrees in 30mins!
  5. Accommodates Five, nine and half inch Pizza at one time
  6. Can be used to Bake, Roast, Low and Slow Smoked Meats, and as a Cold Smoker
  7. Fully Insulated Fired Box and Cooking Chamber
  8. Perfect use for the warmth of your Outdoor Entertaining Area

Our Oven Features

Outdoor Wood Fired Cooking is Easy. Or at least it will be when you have your very own JAGRD. We believe our JAGRD Smokers – Ovens are the most practical in their size on the Australian market.

At JAGRD our first priority was to create plenty of cooking area in our smoker oven, in doing so we have accommodated for lots of entertaining at home.

Our smokers are so versatile they can be used for baking breads, cakes, roasting, pizzas, fish, even smoking Low and Slow! All our smoker ovens come with Quality Fire Bricks and Kiln Grade Insulation.

2 Cooking Levels

Accommodates 4 Large Baking Trays

Room for 5 x 9 1/2″ Pizzas

Low and Slow your Meats

Will Enhance any Outdoor Kitchen – Easy Instructions Provided on Purchase

JAGRD Oven Specifications

Total Weight

Consisting of 6 mm Steel Plate
Fully Insulated throughout
Kiln Grade Bricks in Firebox and Cooking Chamber
Two Stainless Mesh Shelves
Sturdy Trolley with Heavy Duty Brakes
Name or Re-brand your very own


With Stand (outside dimensions)

Stand Alone Oven (without flute)

Inside Cooking Area


Stainless Steel Shelves


Accurate Temperature Gauge

Heats to 250°C Within 30 Minutes

Heats to 250°C Within 30 Minutes

Detachable Mobile Trolley

Detachable Mobile Trolley

Strong Lockable Caster Wheels

Strong Lockable Caster Wheels

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