Black Beauty and Stretch Smoker-Ovens Pizza Cooking Method

pizza1 | JAGRDBe sure you have a good coal base and slithers of wood ready to add to your  JAGRD Smoker-Pizza Oven so as there is a constant clean flame circulating up and around your cooking chamber… Both flue and firebox dampers all the way open.

Remove your bottom shelf to have easy access to the floor… Always spray your pizza paddles with oil before placing your bases on and building your pizzas, whether fresh or bought.

Have your oven nice and hot, 300-350c beforehand if needed to clean prior to adding your pizzas to the floor. Best tool for cleaning the floor is the scraper (provided) to remove any sauces that may have dripped from a previous cook, every second cook I would brush around the roof and walls so as no creosote falls from build up onto your foods…

Also give the floor a brush with the Heatproof Coco Brush so as no dust, ash or leftover foods are able to cook on your bases and have them stick to the floor.

With the heat/flame directly under the bricks of your Black Beauty or Stretch they are super-hot from adding wood across your cook to keep that constant clean flame running (dirty smoke will turn the top of your pizza grey)

Back to pizza making.!

If your using fresh homemade bases we suggest for a thin base a 180g dough ball for the perfect 9 inch base, roll and place these on oiled paddles and build your pizza being careful not to have cheese spill out  onto your paddle as this may cause pizzas to stick when ready to remove from the paddle for final  cooking on the floor…

pizza3 | JAGRDPlace pizzas on paddles directly on the floor, two to the back with handles towards the side walls, then place your third in the front and center. Close the cooking chamber door for 5mins or until you think the base as begun to rise and colour around the edges…

Move each pizza up to the top shelf, still on their paddles, once all three are on the top shelf, place a further two pre-topped paddled pizzas on the floor, again to the back with handles towards the walls, leaving the center bricks empty ready to bring your pizzas down, off the paddle, to crisp up.

Be patient once your pizzas are placed on the top shelf, you want that nice golden cheese colour on the top of your pizzas so as to be sure they are cooked through, and who really wants an anemic cheesy pizza… 😉

pizza2 | JAGRDBefore bringing each pizza down onto the floor to cook or crisp up your base, lift an edge with a spare paddle or pizza cutter to check they are not already cooked through before lifting off the paddles, one at a time, and finishing on the floor.

Cooking on your pizza stone/floor will take only seconds to crisp up the bottom of your base, with your first pizza don’t be disheartened if you burn the base as it’s easy to get distracted and they can cook quickly, so leave the door open at this point, you won’t lose heat and if you do it will easily pick up again once you shut the door to finish off further pizzas.

Bought Bases: Skip cooking on the floor in the first instance, Go to Stage Two on the Top Shelf from the Beginning…

You’ll find you just cooked some of the best pizzas you’ve ever had, promise… 😉 Most of all relax and enjoy sharing the love and warmth of wood fired pizzas with family and friends, night after party night!!

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