Brisket and Burnt Ends

There is nothing quite like the succulent bight into a well cooked Brisket, or winning combination.

Trim Meat of all hard fats early – It’s always better be done early and resting as opposed to being late to serve!

Prepare smoker temp to hold 275-300f (121-134c)

Rub with your favourite BBQ Rub until completely covered or use a simple Salt, Pepper, Garlic, OJAGRD Hardcore Brisket rub Dec. 2016 2 | JAGRDnion powder mix, brisket loves it!

Place brisket directly on top rack

Spritz (Spray bottle) with Beef Stock after the first hour around edges of brisket or wherever it’s looking dry, on the hour, only if you feel needed…

When Bark is Set, (Set “scratch test” use your clean finger nail and try to scratch at the bark/rub and none comes away, it is then Set) Wrap in 2 Heavy layers of foil laid in both directions in a cross form, to the wrap add


½ Cup Beef Stock and 4 chunks of Butter surrounding the brisket, wrap as tight as you can avoiding holes in foil, return to smoker, for further cooking. Internal temp can rise quickly from here…

To mJAGRD Hardcore Brisket rub Dec. 2016 4 | JAGRDake Brisket Burnt Ends Separate Point from Flat once internal of point is 195f

Drain a little juice from the brisket wrap for your burntend sauce later, Rewrap Flat Back up as tight as you can, you can also place wrapped brisket in an alfoil tray to avoid and catch any possible leakages…

Return to smoker until probing like butter with toothpick, at/or around internal of 200- 210f, but you will get the feel, be patient, don’t be afraid to wait for that “Oh my God” feeling…

Once you’re happy remove brisket from smoker and wrap in a towel or two, place flat in esky for up to 5hrs to hold with juices (you may even add a further half cup of beef stock if not enough juices remain, the brisket will soak this up as it rests)

Cube Brisket Point for Burnt Ends

Cut 3cm cubes from your previously rested point end, trim any access fat from the underside. Place cubes evenly in foil tray bark end up, sprinkle with your previously used BBQ Rub

Mix in a jug ½ Cup of Beef Stock and ½ Cup of Brisket Juices (saved from your brisket wrap) 1 cup of your favourite BBQ Sauce, pour gently over brisket ends, Drizzle honey over all, place 4-6 tablespoons of butter throughout tray.

Return Ends to smoker for 1.5 hours covering in alfoil. Gently turn ends in the tray every 30 minutes to keep coating with sauce. Remove alfoil and cook down sauce till nice and sticky or until your brisket burnt ends are probing super smooth with a toothpick, around the 205-210f (96-98c).

Remove Flat from Esky 30mins before serving and check internal temp reads 71c (160f) if not return to smoker or oven covered until this temp is reached… Once satisfied cut flat into pencil thin slices…

Serve and enjoy!!!  JAGRD Hardcore Brisket rub Dec. 2016 5 | JAGRD

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