Butterflied (Spatchcock) Chicken

Prepare your Smoker to cook at 175c (347f)

Grab yourself a nice sharp pair of Chicken Scissors!

To avoid any cross contamination, make sure you prepare your spatchcock chicken on a clean board. Wipe any access liquid from your chicken with paper towel to avoid it being slippery as much as possible.

Place your whole chicken on the board with the backbone “Parsons nose” facing up. Start to cut roughly 2cm out from either side of the backbone, this may be a little tough to break through the bone but will require just a little more force if finding it difficult…

Once you have completely separated the backbone, open up as much as you can, you will notice there is some white gristle in the centre of the breast bone preventing you from flattening your chicken, gently press your knife in the centre of the gristle, you will feel it split. Once satisfied turn your chicken back over with skin facing up and press down at the centre of the breasts with the palm of your hand, your chicken should now sit flat.

Now it’s time to trim any fatty bits you feel not needed, also any straggly bits left on the underside of your chicken… Season with your favourite BBQ rub.

Place your chicken skin side up directly on your smoker shelf, indirect (to the side) of your coals, until it reaches an internal temperature of 71c (160f).

You’ll be serving up one of the juiciest chickens you have ever cooked, so make sure you take all the credit you deserve!! Enjoy!!

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Julie-ann and Glenn Tindal-Davies

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