Jalapeno Poppers

Green Jalapenos filled with a sweet cream cheese mix is fast becoming an all-time BBQ favourite starter, and so quick and easy to prepare.

Allow a whole jalapeno for each guest, as one is never enough!

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Below Mix Combines enough to fill 40 half jalapenos

20 whole jalapenos

250g of Cream Cheese

½ Cup of Grated Tasty Cheese

1 tbls of your favourite sweet rub (I use Smokey Q Sweet Hog rub)

Get your smoker/oven to a temperature of 200c (392f)

With a sharp knife Halve each jalapeno trying to divide the stem on each side to use as a handle. Don’t stress if this isn’t possible as you will attach toothpicks that can also be used for serving.

Using a teaspoon, deseed each halve starting at the stem end breaking the thick white seed membrane first, then sliding your teaspoon along and under remaining seeds to remove. Scrape any leftover seeds out with your spoon; or if you prefer a little more heat you can leave seeds in…

Once deseeded take your teaspoon and place small quantities of your cream cheese mix in each half of the jalapeno, being careful not to over fill as when bitten into you don’t want to much mix spilling out or anyone to burn their lips unnecessarily…

Take your streaky bacon (halve if to thick) wrapping round each jalapeno popper securing with toothpick from side to side, or if you find this to fiddly you can hold bacon by placing tooth pic through the top to bottom of the jalapeno base with each…

Place jalapenos directly on the shelf of your preheated smoker for 45-60mins or until bacon is at the crispy texture you desire. Remove, Serve and Enjoy!!

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