Pork Ribs – Sweet and Sticky Apple Glaze

Ribs total hours – 5.5hrs – 5hrs> cook – 30mins Rest


Prepare Oven for a Cooking Temp of 250-275f (121-135c)

Looking for total meat internal of 195-203f>

Season Ribs with YIAH Smoked Orange, Chili and Garlic: Garlic Salt, Smoked Australian Sea Salt, garlic, orange peel smoked, chili flakes, herbs and spices. (Or your choice of Rub)

Place in baking tray in fridge for 1hr while preparing Glaze

Place Seasoned Ribs, meat side up, on Open Rack

Cook Spritzing with Apple juice every 30mins after the first hour, for 2hrs> (depending on size) or internal temp of 160f

Prepare Wrap Butter Sauce

Prepare 2 Large Stacked sheets of Foil

Place Cubed butter across foil with treacle and brown sugar

Remove Ribs from Oven, Position Ribs meat side up

Season ribs with Smoked Orange, Garlic and Chili salt (or your choice of rub)

Place Butter across ribs

Drizzle treacle generously over all

Sprinkle brown sugar across ribs

Apple Glaze Ingredients

¾ Cup Maple Syrup

2 tbls of Firmly packed Brown Sugar

2 tbls of Tomato Sauce/Ketchup

½ tbls Mustard Powder

1 tbls of Worcestershire Sauce

1 tbls Apple juice

½ tbls Salt

Place all Ingredients in small saucepan, bring to almost boil, or until sugar is dissolved

After 2hrs Wrapped: Return Ribs to Open Oven Rack for 1hr, basting with Apple Glaze every 20mins, until the tip of a small knife slips easily in and out of the meat, or an internal of 195-203f> has been reached

Remove Ribs from oven, Wrap again in foil and towel, Rest in Foam Esky30mins>

Slice Evenly on chopping board – Mop ribs with Glaze or Spritz if needed.

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