Pulled Pork Shoulder

Est. Total hours – 9.5hrs> 9hrs cook – looking for Internal of

205f> (95c) or butter feel is reached – min 60min Rest


Cooking Temp of 275-300f (135c-148c)


Place Pork Shoulder in a foil tray and rub with your favorite BBQ Rub Mix until Completely Covered (we like a little sweet rub with a little heat kick at the end, Sweet Rub ‘O Mine from Barbeques Galore is Peeerrfect!!

Let rub rest and soak into meat for 30mins while preparing Smoker

Place Directly on either Rack – Spritz after first hour, every hour> with Apple juice

Take to internal temp of 160-170f (71-76C) or when happy with color Before wrapping

Wrap tight in Foil with a mix of Apple juice, butter and brown sugar inside wrap

Cook further until Internal temp reaches 205f> (95c) or probing like butter

Remove Butt from Smoker – Wrap tight in two layers of Heavy Foil with remaining juices (don’t be afraid to add more Apple juice if you feel not enough juices remain, meat will soak any up beautifully for pulling!) being sure no leaks then wrap in towel, and place in Foam Esky Rest for minimum of 60mins or up to 5 hours prior to serving

Pour off some juices and mix with your favourite BBQ sauce (we particularly like a Sweet Baby Rays Hickory Brown Sugar, or Stubbs Hickory and Bourbon again from Barbeques Galore) pull meat in the remaining juices, mix in sauce if desire or serve on the side…

Nothing more now but to Enjoy!!

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Julie-ann and Glenn Tindal-Davies

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