Des Winch
a year ago
Firstly, a quick and friendly response to my initial enquiry even though it was a public holiday! Really good communication throughout the build and no questions...
Paul Woodhams
9 months ago
We have both the Black Beauty and Baby Gravity Fed. Hands down the best built, highest performing smokers that we have ever used. Glenn and Jules provide...
Gerrit Kwetters
8 months ago
Great craftsmanship, OCD and beautiful people. Highly recommend
Adam Goor
2 years ago
Glen and Jules put so much care and effort in to their builds and it shows in how easy my Black Beauty is to use. It's...
2 years ago
Attention to detail in the build, makes the end product cook amazingly well. Such great people as well to help you along your journey to...

Adam Goor

Owner of Black Beauty
May 30 2020

Glenn and Jules put so much care and effort into their builds and it shows in how easy my Black Beauty is to use.

It's also extremely versatile - it pumps out an awesome low and slow brisket, as well as perfectly cooked pizzas, all based on control of the air-flow.

So happy with my JAGRD purchase!

Bob Parker

Sept 24 2018

Recently needed help with smoking some large cuts for our daughters 18. The guys at JAGRD said throw it in our gravity fed cabinet. We’re at Chidlow fired up anyway. Very impressed best pulled beef and pulled pork. Crew demolished it in kebabs
Thanks again Julie Ann bloody legend

Nick Martin

Owner of JAGRD Stretch
Dec 22 2017

Wow, what a beast! I've had my Stretch for about a week and have fired it up 3 times - twice for pizza and once for smoking (lamb and turkey), and I've also cooked a cake and soda bread. I can honestly say these are the best examples of these things that I have ever cooked. The oven was so easy to get to temp and once there, so wonderfully stable. I'm in love 8e98a2d4e17450377405da5b4b775552 | JAGRD

Iain Johnson

Owner of Black Beauty
Aug 5 2017

Amazing oven. So easy to use and the build quality is unbelievable. May be on the higher priced side but worth every cent. Quality this high is so rare. Lifetime investment.

Sue and Spanner Trigg

Owner of Asado Grill
Sept 26 2017

Superbly built units, service that you just don't get anymore, the guys at JAGRD go beyond expectations to make sure their clients are happy! Keep up the great work.

Jayde Cook

Owner of JAGRD Baby Gravity Cabinet
Nov 15 2020

I recently took possession of a JGRD Baby cabinet custom built to difficult specifications. Glenn and Jules went above and beyond to deliver a product that performs beyond expectations. I can truly see why these guys are leaders in their field in both BBQ design and competition BBQ. It’s nice to deal with people who genuinely love what they do.. Thanks guys

Lance Rosen

@Big Boy BBQ
May 25 2020

When you want a wood fired anything....JAGRD! These are the guys to talk to when you want to step up to the BBQ plate.

Their wood fired cookers have the ability to grill, smoke or even bake bread or pizza. Plus, Jules and Glenn are always willing to listen to whatever design you have going on in your head and can make it a reality.

Fantastic local business, great workmanship and people

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